Estou Jogando is a social network that allows players to organize their game library, share their achievements in games and interact with other users, helping each other in difficult parts of a game or setting a date to play together.

I am co-founder of this Startup and lead the product design/user experience. we have a small team of three: me and two friends/parners, the developers Cayo Medeiros and Mauro George.

The product has a great acceptance and we constantly get positive feedback from its users.




3 months after launching the first version of Estou Jogando (at this point with 30K+ users), we identified some issues in the sign-up flow that caused users to give up the process.

So we decided to research and understand deeply why this happened and how could we make them feel better to complete the sign-up. We made a Qualitative Survey and a Cooperative Evaluation with users to get the most critical points. With that information, we were able to develop a MVP of a new flow fixing what we identified to make tests.

We presented this MVP to a Focus Group and listened users to get how they feel about the new process. The feedback was very positive and week after week the number of new users keep growing.

We presented this MVP to a Focus Group and listened to users, to get how they felt about the new process. The feedback was very positive, and week after week, the number of new users kept growing.